Are you ready to become an International Award-Winner?

Designed to be accessible to any hair or makeup artist anywhere in the world - here are 10 reasons to enter your artistry.

  1. IBI Winners and their work are officially recognized as Internationally Award-Winning.
  2. Winners will receive a hand-crafted personalized IBI Award Statuette - a unique piece of art designed exclusively for IBI. There is no extra cost for the Statuette.
  3. Highest-scoring non-winning entries will receive a Finalist's Certificate.
  4. You can enter photos of your work in over 40 specialized categories.
  5. You can enter into as many categories as you like, there are no limits on entries.
  6. Judged entirely independently by industry experts - to be as fair as possible Judges don't see any personally identifying information about you, only your work.
  7. You don't need any special industry membership.
  8. You don't need to use any specific brand's products - it's all about the artistry!
  9. You don't have to pay to travel and attend a live event (although we'd love to celebrate and meet Winners and Finalists in person, we want artists from all over the world and all backgrounds to have the same opportunity to compete).
  10. The entry fee is only $75 per category, you can use any major debit/credit card, or Apple Pay.

Check out the How It Works page, or DM us on Instagram! @ibi_beautyawards

We created this because we're passionate about beauty artistry. You're here because you are too.

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